Why I love my church

Why I love my church

September 14, 2017

The following are truly genuine and authentic statements, exactly as written, by the congregation of Park Lawn Baptist Church answering “Why I love my church.” They were collected in the months of August and September, 2017. We have put them online so that you can get to know us better and understand why we love our church.


“When we walked in for the first time we were greeted in a very friendly, kind and uninterest of manner. Pastor Mario preached from the Bible in a manner that taught the scripture and we left feeling both welcomed and more knowledgeable. This first experience kept us returning. As we got to know others we have grown fond fonder, now would not think of worshiping anywhere else. This church is made of loving people and the true message delivered by a humble, learned and warm pastor.”

“God’s word is taught was great in-depth and simplicity and his love is put to practice. A place to feel at home and in God’s presence.”

“- Commitment to the message of the Saving Grace of Christ
– clean and accurate biblical exposition
– genuineness of the people who attend
– focus on the essentials of Fellowship
– worship evangelism and bible study.”

“I love my church because of the wonderful fellowship with all the brothers and sisters in Christ. I love to be among God’s people to talk and worship the Lord together.”

“I love  the way our church loves and embraces the world. I love the fact that our church reflects the multi-cultural flavour of heaven with an amazing group of peoples of different ages from about 12 countries from all over the world. I love the way we focus on God before anything else. I love the fact that we teach 100% that the Bible is the Inspired Word of God. I love the fact that we believe 100% that Jesus is a part of the Trinity-God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I love the fact that we believe 100% that GRACE through Jesus Christ is the only way we can be saved. I love the way we can come together and pray and listen to a great sermon which motivates and encourages us. I love the music ministry and the fact that the songs we sing are based on Scripture. I love the church facilities God has given us because it adequately meets our needs. I love the fact that money is not the focus of our church; God provides for our needs as He promised! I love the social interaction we have with the other on a regular basis.”

“I love my church because I believe in what is being preached by the Pastor.”

“We love that the service is Christ-centered and that the Bible is taught and expounded upon to help us understand the Word in its entirety. We also love that the people are God-fearing and respectful when they come to serve God. We love that it is a place where we can serve God and not come as if to a concert or just to have a good time. We also love the unity we have in Christ and that we are a praying church.”

“I love this church because of the word of God being preached everyday. We always read out of the Bible and our blessed Pastor explains and teaches the reading.”

“I love my church because the people who attend love the Lord and want to worship and serve Him. The worship services are just praise, prayer, singing hymns and contemporary songs and we love to sing a lot. The services are not a big show but just worship of God. I also love the fact that lots of time is given to hear God’s Word preached in a systematic way from the beginning to the end of the Bible books.”

“The minister–God is preached, the music, the fellowship. I love it all.”

“I like this church the people are very nice here and our praise is very nice here with feel very welcomed like a home. we come here we’re very comfortable and the second is I like the preach here. we can learn lots of things and understand lot of words from God and the two can help faith. every time I eager to come here to learn the words from God and then took out my life I need to practice in my life. I like the morning service I like the singing and the music under the conductor. Music player I very like her have passion to sing and the worship of God.”

“I love my church because the Word of God deeply impacts my life and gives me greater understanding of the Bible.”

“I love Park Lawn Baptist Church because of Pastor Mario. He is a real blessing to me. He has a rich knowledge in the Bible and teaches me so much about God’s character and his word. He encourages me with his strong love the Lord has given him. Also he has boldness and confidence in Jesus Christ that is an encouragement to me, and that few people have. He is a Godly example to me.”

“I love our church because of God’s word and being with God’s people and all the wonderful music”

“I love that our church has people from all over the world and all age groups worshiping together. It makes me think that this is what heaven will be like when all of God’s children will be together before His throne. I am so happy that our church is growing. We have visitors and new people almost every week.”

“I like our church because we are like one family. Very friendly and we are concerned for the well being of one another.”

“It was the place where I found the real gospel was being preached. It was here that the spirit of Oneness was among the church members.”

“I love that the word is preached not watered down or liberal, just the truth of the Bible. The strength I get from the fellowship and the people that keep me being a Christian beside Christ.”

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